Crafting Delight: Midnight Floral Lilac Journaling Layout

Crafting Delight: Midnight Floral Lilac Journaling Layout


Calling all Australian crafting enthusiasts who have a passion for journaling and paper crafting!



If you're on the lookout for some fresh inspiration to ignite your creativity, look no further! Dive into the world of crafting with this journaling layout featuring The Turtle Journal products! 

I hope you find this inspirational and gives you some great ideas for your next journaling, collage, or scrapbooking layout. Check out some of the heros of this project from The Turtle Journal - and get them delivered from Adelaide to your doorstep :)

Paper Crafting Supplies

In this layout I've utilised these best-sellers:


A5 Hardcover Collage Journal

Embark on your next creative endeavour with ease, with a diverse selection of backgrounds, page styles, and themes designed to ignite your imagination and creativity. These pre-decorated pages are a game changer! 


Midnight Flowers PET Transparent Sticker Tape Set

A luxurious collection that combines deep, romantic floral designs with holographic sparkly detailing! This set includes three rolls of PET plastic washi tape, each measuring 5cm x 3m, all in mesmerizing shades of black, greys and whites; they'll add a touch of elegance to any endeavour.


Sentiment Quote Sticker Set - black

Looking for that final touch to your current papercraft project? Often a well placed quote or sentiment can just finish off a card, scrapbooking layout, collage or journaling project.


Personalise Your Creations

Remember, the heart of journaling lies in personalisation. Feel free to let your imagination run wild!

Whether it's incorporating beautiful calligraphy, experimenting with watercolour techniques, adding personal mementos or ephemera, or using washi tape to add accents, your journaling layouts should reflect your unique personality and style.

There is no right or wrong way to journal - it is probably what I love the most about paper crafting and journaling! You create what you love and what makes you feel good, the joy is in the creating far more than the outcome!


Deco Vintage Sticker Book - Bluegrass

All inside a cute books, there are over 150 small vintage style stickers, in dozens of different shapes and designs, on transparent pages, ready to peel off and stick. These stickers will add a beautiful and nostalgic touch and great for all types of paper crafting! You won't be able to resist these charming designs!


Romanesque Relics Sticker Set - Palace Gates

Step back in time and adorn your surroundings with the charm of ancient monuments and statement pieces! Romanesque Relics Sticker Sets. These detailed illustrations, crafted washi stickers transport you to the romance of ancient life.


Join the Crafting Community

Australia's crafting community is brimming with talent and creativity. We hope that this midnight floral lilac layout will serve as a catalyst for your own crafting journey.

Recreate this layout with The Turtle Journal products - or use what you have at home and just add an accent from the example that you love...

This layout would not be as dynamic or romantic without the Transparent PET Midnight Flower Sticker Roll, or the Romanesque Relics Sticker Set of Palace Gates!

There are no limits to what you can create when you allow your imagination to blossom.

Dive in, explore, and let your creativity soar! 


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