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Documenting your Travels: Tips, Tricks, and Creative Ideas for Travel Journaling

Planning a trip is always exciting—but once you’ve arrived at your destination and the fun begins, it can be hard to keep track of all your experiences. The best way to remember everything that happened on your vacation is through travel journaling.

Not only will it help you document your memories, but it can also be a creative outlet for expressing yourself. Here are some tips and ideas to get you started on your journey.

Create Memory Maps

One of the most creative ways to document your travels is by creating memory maps! This is where you draw out a map of the area you’re visiting and fill in important landmarks or attractions you visited on the trip. You can even add stickers or other decorative elements to make it fun and unique. This allows you to keep track of all the places you visited while also providing an artful representation of your experience.

Take Photos

Of course, photos are a great way to capture moments from trips—especially if they’re photos with friends or family members! Whether you use a DSLR camera or just take pictures with your phone, make sure that you have plenty of visual reminders so that when looking back at them in the future, they will bring back fond memories. Plus, adding photos into your journal entries makes them look more polished and professional.

This sticker set is perfect for travel journaling - where you can express travel and leisure activities in a vintage style. Check our my Traveller Storybook Sticker sheet here.

Add Personal Touches

Your travel journal should be as unique as you are! Get creative by adding personal touches like writing down quotes from locals, drawing doodles about things that happened during the day, or pressing flowers from gardens or parks into the pages (just make sure not to damage any property). These little additions will make all the difference in helping bring back vivid memories from the past and create something special for years to come.                                   

Travel journals are an excellent way to document all that happens during a trip so that when looking back on it later on down the road, all those wonderful memories can come flooding back without having been forgotten over time. By creating memory maps with drawings and decorations, taking plenty of photos along with personal touches like quotes and pressed flowers, even if years pass by looking at those pages will make it feel like yesterday again! So why wait? Start documenting today!

Grab your very own journal just for your specific trip! This handmade vintage-style journals is spiral bound, perfect for bulking up the pages with all your travel ephemera like stubs, photos, receipts, keepsakes... Being spiral bound it can accommodate more personal bits'n'pieces than a traditionally bound journal without damaging or breaking the spine. Check out my handmade journals here.

Journaling and Memory Keeping Prompts:

  1. What was the best meal you had while on your trip? Include a description of the dish, where you ate it, and why it was so good.
  1. What was your favourite activity or sightseeing experience? What made it so special?
  1. What was the most interesting place you visited? Describe what made it so interesting and why you enjoyed it so much.
  1. Who did you meet on your trip that you will never forget? Describe what made them so memorable and why you enjoyed spending time with them.
  1. What was the most challenging experience you had while travelling? How did you overcome it and what did you learn from it?
  1. What was the best sunset or sunrise you saw while on your trip? Describe where you were, what the weather was like, and how the experience made you feel.
  1. What was your favourite hotel or accommodation that you stayed in during your trip? Why did you like it so much? Be sure to include a description of the room, amenities, and staff.
  1. If you could go back to one day during your trip and relive it again, which day would it be? Why is that particular day so special to you?
  1. What souvenirs did you bring home from your trip? What do they represent to you and why did you choose them?
  1. Lastly, write a reflection on your overall experience travelling to this destination. What did you learn about yourself and the world around you? How has this trip changed your perspective in life?
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When we travel, I bring with me a pencil case or pouch filled with pencil, pen, glue stick, double sided tape, small watercolour kit, washi tape, scissors etc. A Spiral bound book to fill as my journal. I collect travel brochures or newspapers along our journey, cut out what I want as a reminder of our trip and paste into the journal. Sometimes it can be a paperbag or business card. Sometimes I attach a small envelop or make one, and store the small receipts in them. Travel journals help me remember all the places we have been!


Thanks for the great ideas Rachel, never thought of putting the memory maps in. TFS xx

Dawn Edwards

I’m going on my first cruise and first European trip in a few weeks.
I usually print a photo album but am keen to do more of a journal this time.
Thanks for the tips on holiday journaling!

Wendy Arrowsmith

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