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Explore Your Creativity with Aussie Papercrafting: A Vintage Journaling Layout

Welcome, papercraft enthusiasts and journaling enthusiasts of Australia! No matter what part of Australia you are from, the busy city or scenic country, one thing connects us all — our love for the timeless art of journaling and papercrafting! Yes :)



Each product is carefully selected to create a cohesive layout, give this a try with products you have, or grab yourself some Turtle Journal supplies to inspire your creativity!

The Charm of Vintage

In the heart of every journaling enthusiast lies a love for designs that have a yesteryear touch to them. That's why my new A5 Vintage Patterned Paper Packs in Ledger Manifest are more than just patterned papers; they are whispers of the past, ready to give your journal a classic backdrop - elegant and expressive. These high-quality papers boast intricate designs and are perfect for adding a nostalgic touch to your layouts.


Nostalgia with Washi Tape

Complementing the vintage paper packs is the super-popular and versatile Nostalgia Washi Tape Set, a treasure in the realm of scrapbooking supplies. The delicate patterns and colours of this set make the best backgrounds, adding a layer of sentimentality to each page. This luxurious extra-wide washi is a statement piece you'll use everyday!

A Splash of Pastel: Make way for some Champagne!

No journaling layout is complete without the playful charm of stickers. My new Pastel Watercolour Bottle Sticker set in Champagne transforms your journaling pages into a canvas of creativity. These stickers are true hero stickers for your next papercrafting project. Each sticker is awash in pastel sepia, blacks and whites, with floral accents - these are stunning! They are perfect for journaling, scrapbooking, collage, cardmaking... so many uses!

Interest and Elegance: Lace Fame Stickers

The Transparent Lace Fame Sticker Set is where functionality meets beauty. This is one of my best-sellers! And it's no wonder, they are your go-to sticker set when you want to add a bit of layering to your project, or draw attention to a specific element in your papercrafting project by giving it a little frame! Their clear background and delicate lace patterns allow for versatility in your layout, inviting you to frame quotes, dates, or special notes in a sophisticated style.


Finish with a Custom Sentiment!

My Everyday Sentiment Sticker Sets come in three styles, this layout I have featured Poetry. These sets come with 40 sentiments, some on black backgrounds and some transparent, so you have a saying for all your projects. These stickers are the most useful when you cut up the strips and create your own quotes or sayings... some of the generic ones that come in the sets are bizarre.. :) I like to cut them and create a sentiment exactly suited to my project.

Whether you're a seasoned scrapbooker or a newcomer to the world of journaling in Australia, these featured products are designed to ensure that every creative project is both relaxing and exciting - every page tells a story.

Connect with Your Creative Community

Journaling is not just a solitary act; it's a communal journey. We invite you to share your layouts, tips, and stories with our passionate community of Aussie papercrafters. Let's inspire and uplift each other through our shared love for journaling and scrapbooking. Show us how you've used these featured products in your layouts by tagging us on Instagram @TheTurtleJournalAU.

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