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Exploring Different Styles of Journaling - Aussie papercrafters ahoy!

Welcome to the inspiring world of journaling, where self-expression, reflection, and personal growth take centre stage. Prepare to delve deeper into the meaning of journaling, the essential supplies and tools, explore the therapeutic benefits for stress relief, and embark on the realms of junk journaling and mixed media journaling.

What Does it Mean to 'Journal'?
Thnk of journaling as your personal haven for thoughts, emotions, and experiences. It's a creative space where you can freely express yourself, set goals, and capture memories. From structured writing to free-flowing expressions, embark on a profound journey of personal growth and exploration.

What Supplies and Tools Do I Need to Start?

Grab yourself one of my vintage style ephemera bundles, these mystery bundles are new every few weeks as I source new supplies and mystery treasures from my antique-store shopping! Add these papercrafting beauties to your collection today!

You only need a handful of essential supplies:

- a journal or notebook that resonates with you, it can be book-bound, spiral, ring-bound, and any size that you feel comfortable using often without it taking up too much room

- something small can be ideal when you first start journaling and it is portable, plus not too overwhelming to begin writing and crafting with the layouts

- pens, highlighters, pencils, even watercolours! Start with your favourite brand of pen... then as you experiment you may find the pen and writing part of journaling more impactful/beneficial to you than the papercrafting part.

- as time goes on what you most love about journaling will become apparent, perhaps you'll be like me and your sticker collection will grow and grow. In fact, here is one of my best-selling stickers sets: Butterflies (with four colour themes to choose from). Or perhaps you'll love handwriting and start collecting pens, even fountain pens and inks and quills...

- consider adding extras like stickers, washi tape, patterned papers, stamps, or ephemera to bring your journal to life. 

How is a Journal or Diary Beneficial, Particularly for Stress Relief?
Experience the therapeutic realm of journaling - or even keeping a diary in the traditional sense. A sanctuary for stress relief and emotional well-being. Discover how the act of putting pen to paper can alleviate stress, foster clarity, and bring solace to your thoughts. Journalnig for me unlocks the power of gratitude, mindfulness, and I always find journalng thought-provoking.

Many papercrafters who love all various forms of papers and crafting find that working with their hands on a project, no matter the type (scrapbooking, journaling, collage, cardmaking, stamping, watercolours...) has great benefits to their mental health and is very calming; I totally agree!

Junk Journaling and Mixed Media Journaling
Embrace your creative spirit with junk journaling and mixed media journaling. These styles embrace the art of repurposing materials, combining textures, and incorporating found objects, vintage ephemera, collage elements, and multimedia techniques, infusing your journal pages with character and captivating visual allure. Texture is a huge part of mixed media or junk journaling - the tactile experience of foraging and collecting, and crafting something in your journal is truly a creative art experience.

These newly released Serenade papers are a great addition to your next journaling or collage project - they are heavyweight paper, and illustrated with such detail! They have been really popular, and come in so many themes. Check out Afternoon Tea for a fun vintage theme, or Fairytale Princess for something more subtle and romantic!

How to Use Paints and Watercolours in Your Journal
You can even incorporate paints and watercolours into your journal. Discover techniques, tips, and inspiration for bringing vibrant hues and delicate washes to your pages. From creating backgrounds and illustrations to experimenting with textures and layering, let paints and watercolours add an extra dimension of beauty to your journaling experience.

Collage vs Journaling
In todays modern papercrafting world - the line is truly blurred between crafting and art. I believe this is because many forms of papercrafting have little to no boundaries or rules anymore, you can truly explore your unique creativity and gravitate to what you love in the moment. In this way, collage is experiencing a huge resurgence, where the technique of layers of papers/glue/mediums/textures in a journal is just another aspect of journaling we can explore for ourselves in the pursuit of our craft and relaxation.

In conclusion, welcome to the extraordinary world of journaling! Self-discovery, creativity, and personal growth all intertwine. Embrace the power of journaling as a cherished companion on your path of self-reflection, joy, and personal transformation.


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Thanks for the wonderful information on journaling x


Thanks for this great summary and the extra ideas I hadn’t thought of like incorporating art. My big passion has been washi tape. I have even used it in my teacher planner to make myself have something beautiful. Before last Christmas I introduced my two eldest grandies to washi tape as it is easy for them to cut and stick. They were 5 and 3 at the time. They just love it. Originally we made trees but now they free range and do all sorts of pictures. I’ve even had my school kids decorate their diaries with washi tape. Have a good day.

Helen Lehmann

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