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Journaling Kit: Keepsake and Habit Tracker - great for beginners


Check out my new Journaling Kit!

This is a great papercraft kit for those who love art journaling, bullet journaling, or planners and productivity queens... maybe like me :) 

This kit comes wiht papers, stickers, ribbons and embellishments to make yourself a perpetual calendar that you can use for a habit tracker for things like housekeeping, fitness, food, anything! Or a keepsake journal where you cand add your own ephemera from day to day memories into the hinged ring or craft straight onto the botanical specimen cards included.

Here is just one way to use this kit:

Journaling prompt tracker. This is more freeform, where you just add pieces to the ring as your turn over each new botanical piece, and then decorate that botanical piece too as you go. It is a small mindful, art journaling type project each day, just a little card to craft with, so nothing overwhelming, but again, you are building up some memories of the day or thing to be grateful for, a keepsake. Maybe something super cute your grandkids did that day! Imagine pulling this out years down the track, or gifting it to a family member.

Read more about this kit - and shop here.

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