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Junk Journaling in the Modern Day: Redefining Papercrafting and Crafting

Junk journaling has significantly evolved in today's papercrafting and crafting landscape, adopting new styles and viewpoints compared to its more traditional forms. Let's delve into the modern definition of junk journaling.

The Modern Definition of Junk Journaling:

In the contemporary context, junk journaling involves the creative assembly of various materials like paper scraps, photographs, fabric, ephemera, and found objects into a bound journal.

This art form celebrates the layering and juxtaposition of diverse elements to tell stories, capture emotions, or express abstract ideas. Junk journaling has grown to include digital elements, merging traditional and multimedia approaches in the crafting process.

Departure from Traditional Journaling:

In the past, journaling was primarily a written record, often devoid of artistic embellishments. Traditional journaling focused on the narrative, with less emphasis on visual elements.

Junk journaling, however, challenges this by incorporating a wide array of materials and textures, making each page a unique visual and tactile experience!

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Contemporary Junk Journaling Techniques:

Junk journaling has adapted to include a broad spectrum of techniques and styles. The rise of digital technology has allowed crafters to integrate digital prints, manipulated images, and graphic design into their journals. This digital avenue has expanded the scope for experimentation, enabling crafters to mix photos, textures, and typography in a harmonious blend.

Additionally, junk journaling has moved beyond the confines of a two-dimensional page. Crafters are now exploring pop-up elements, pockets, and interactive features, making the journaling experience more tactile and engaging.


Inclusion of Found Objects and Non-Traditional Materials:

Modern junk journals often feature found objects and unconventional materials, extending beyond the realm of paper and ink. Crafters incorporate textiles, natural elements like leaves or shells, and even metal or plastic trinkets to add depth and texture to their pages.

This eclectic mix of materials brings a contemporary flair to the craft, allowing for unique expressions and innovative techniques.


Blurring Boundaries and Experimentation:

Junk journaling has become a medium for crafters to blur the lines between different artistic disciplines. It intersects with painting, scrapbooking, illustration, and even digital art.

Crafters are encouraged to experiment with various techniques, combining both traditional and digital methods, and exploring the synergy between tangible and virtual elements.

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Do you Junk Journal? Or have thought of trying it?

Junk journaling in today's papercrafting and crafting world has revolutionized artistic expression, adopting new techniques, materials, and approaches.

It has evolved from its roots as a primarily written record to a dynamic and versatile craft that includes digital elements, interactive features, and a wide array of materials.

This evolution has broadened the creative horizons for crafters, inviting them to push the boundaries of their imagination and challenge traditional norms. Whether in a digital or analog form, junk journaling continues to fascinate and inspire crafters globally.


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I discovered junk journaling during the covid lockdowns when I watched lots of YouTube tutorials. I’d been hoarding paper for years and this was the perfect way to use it! There are so many ‘junk’ items around the home too – paper lunch bags, used tea bags for dying paper, cardboard etc. Add suppliers of paper goodies, like Rachel to the mix and you’ll be hooked!

Pat Simmons

Thank you so much for this very informative and enticing article. I’m very new to journalling and want to learn how to fancify my journal. The idea of a junk journal raises the concept to a whole new level.
Cheers Jilly K 💚💚💚


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