Overcoming a Creative Block in Crafting: What do I do?

Overcoming a Creative Block in Crafting: What do I do?


Ever found yourself stuck in a creative rut, with your scrapbooking or journaling mojo seemingly gone?

Fear not! We've all been there, and I'm here to help you leap over that creative block and get back to crafting masterpieces. Let’s get those creative juices flowing again!


Understanding Creative Block in Crafting

First up, it's important to recognise that creative block is a normal part of the creative process. It doesn't mean you've lost your touch; it just means your brain is asking for a breather and some fresh inspiration. The key is to acknowledge it and find ways to reignite that spark.

Being in a creative rut is different to just getting stuck on a particular project, I have found. You may find often a project just doesn't come together for you the way you hoped - and I do too! When this happens I usually leave it overnight, and come back fresh the next day to finish it off.

A creative rut or feeling like you have lost your mojo feels more like being fed-up with your craft in general, not being excited about it, or not finding that relaxation it usually brings to your life.

Here are some ideas and avenues to explore to get your creative juices flowing again and find that excitement spark you have just momentarily misplaced :)

Check out this example! In November 2023 I shared a layout with my subscribers and asked for their help to rescue it! I was so un-happy with what I created and know they would give me some great ideas. And although being unhappy with one project is not the same as a creative-rut - you may still find these tips helpful:



Finding Inspiration: Historical Eras, Nature, and Art

One of the best ways to overcome a creative block is to seek inspiration from the world around you. Australia’s rich history, stunning landscapes, and vibrant art scene are perfect muses. Why not take a leaf out of the Art Deco period or draw inspiration from the mesmerising hues of the outback? 

Head outdoors and forage for leaves, seeds, twigs, flowers... and start a small collection of things that give you a feeling. Maybe you enjoyed a particular town you visited recently and a leaf reminds you of that day, or you found an interesting shell on a family outing, and this shell reminds you of time spent with family. 

Keep these small mementos, you may find wanting to record or craft with them just the salve you need to get your creative juices flowing again.


Using Mood Boards to Spark Ideas

Mood boards can be a fantastic tool. Gather images, colour swatches, fabric pieces, and anything else that tickles your fancy. Arrange them on a board or in a digital format. This visual feast can be the catalyst you need for your next scrapbooking project.

Need a starting point? Check out this blog post about some amazing online creators who you can find on Facebook or YouTube to get some great ideas, and probably some new types of paper crafting you may not have heard of before!



Appreciate and Enjoy what you have Created

I found myself in a creative-rut earlier this year, more than just not being happy with a few projects, but struggling to even look forward to creating, or enjoying the relaxation it brings my life when I have my creative-mojo :)

I decided to clear out my garage! I wasn't exactly thinking about how this would help me with my creative flow, but it did. I was cleaning out some old craft supplies, and came across old scrapbooks and photos of the kids when they were little that I had journaled about. 

Taking a stroll down memory-lane and appreciating what I had created in the past brought back memories of the crafting and the fun I had when making the scrapbooking layouts, using some of the supplies that I was now clearing out and re-discovering! 

This really boosted my creative energy.


Grab a Kit!

When things are just not vibing, a designated kit can be just the thing to get you excited again. 

I have a kit called Coffee Dyed Storybook - and you can complete 6 double layouts with this kit. The best thing about a kit when you feel like you are in a creative rut, is the guidance it gives you, and you may find it is the launching pad your brain needs to start exploring your creativity again.

You'll find things about the kit that you don't love, and things you do love... both those responses to a project or a product or a technique are great! You want to see what makes you smile, or not smile :) so a kit can be a great path to get your mojo back!


Experimenting with Different Layouts and Themes

Stuck with the same layout for every project? It's time to mix it up! Experiment with different layouts – be it grid styles, free-form, or layered approaches.

Sometimes, just changing the way you arrange your elements can breathe new life into your work. 

Every month - I do a Facebook Live video unboxing The Turtle Treasure Subscription Box. This box is a mystery pack of themed papers and stickers. And all subscribers get the same box to work with.

They create journaling layouts, scrapbooking layouts, all sorts of paper crafts, and email me their work. Then every month I share their work on Facebook! This video every month is my favourite and is a true treasure trove of inspiration for your own paper crafting! Check out the replay here from February 2024 where everyone crafted with a box called Academia!



Encouraging Creative Risks and Experimentation

Lastly, don't be afraid to take creative risks. Try a technique or a material you've never used before. Play with bold colours, or maybe venture into mixed media. The beauty of scrapbooking is that there are no rules – just endless possibilities. 

Overcoming a creative block in scrapbooking is all about stepping out of your comfort zone and finding new sources of inspiration.

I recently used tracing paper in my journal and shared it on Facebook as an idea for your next project. You can watch the replay here to see what I did. 

Are you inside the Turtle Journal Papercrafters Facebook Group? In February we did a journaling challenge around the theme of "Texture" and everyone shared a new texture everyday - for 5 days! There was so many amazing ideas, and textures I had never considered using before.

Perhaps you'll find one of these just the idea you need to get you excited and your creative juices flowing again!


As crafters, we're lucky to have a wealth of beauty and history all around us to draw from. So, next time you feel stuck, remember these tips, and don't be afraid to try something new.

 Happy journaling, and here's to breaking through those creative blocks!


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