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Postage Stamp Washi Tape: Ways to use them for some unique journaling ideas!



Postage stamps hold a certain vintage charm, making them the perfect embellishments for craft projects. Whether you're an avid journal enthusiast or simply love diving into DIY projects, there's so much you can do with these tiny pieces of art. 

Let's explore some of the most creative ways to incorporate postage stamps into your crafts.


  1. One simple way to use stamps is to create a unique border for your journal pages. This can be done by gluing stamps around the edge of the page with actual paper stamps, or use my popular Perforated Postage Stamp Washi and tear off individual stamp stickers!
  2. Get really creative, turn washi postage stamps into journaling prompts! Write a short story or poem inspired by the image on the stamp, or use the stamp as a jumping off point for a creative writing prompt.
  3. Another fun way to use stamps is to create your own greeting cards. This is a great way to personalize a card for a special occasion, and it's also a great way to use up those extra paper stamps you have lying around. Simply arrange on the front of a blank card with a collage effect. I did this to decorate the front of a journal, using my new Perfume and Orchard Postage Stamp Washi Set - here.
  4. Envelope Artistry: Revamp your snail mail by decorating envelopes with beautiful washi tape stamps, adding a personal touch to every letter you send.
  5. These tiny works of art are the perfect size for making, or decorating and laying tiny greeting cards like gift cards, or even gift tags! Their intricate detailing of imagery is the perfect focus point for a small papercrafting project like tags or gift cards, plus their cute scalloped edges... like a real postage stamp... adds a fun dimension to the stickers.
  6. Use a row of these stickers to make frames on your project for photos - this is a great use if you are a scrapbooker, theme the type of washi roll with your photos. For example: use my Perfume and Orchard set to make your girls night out photos, or strawberry picking family picnic adventure photos, really stand out!
  7. Journaling Header! I love these washi stickers - or even real vintage paper stamps - to make headers for my journaling pages. Because they are just the right size to stick at the top of my journaling page, and put the header or title alongside. The sticker takes up just a small amount of space, but the cute scalloped edges and illustrations make the perfect focal point for my page! My Parisian Cafe and Whimsical Wildlife is the perfect washi tape set for this; it has been my most popular with vintage-inspired journalers and scrapbookers.



There are so many ways to get creative with postage stamps! What are some of your favourite ideas?

Incorporating postage stamps into your papercraft projects, especially journaling, adds a distinctive, vintage appeal. 

Happy journaling and crafting!


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Love the cover you have made with stamps. I also like the idea of decorating the snail mail envelopes. I was into postcard swapping before overseas mail got too expensive and some people from European countries fit that. The envelopes were stunning.

Helen Lehmann

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