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Rediscovering Paper and Paste: The Resurgence of Journaling

In an age characterised by digital touchpoints, a delightful revival is captivating the hearts of creatives across Australia: the resurgence of traditional, hands-on journaling.

The tactile appeal of paper, stickers, junk ephemera and mixed media is enticing scrapbookers and art journaling enthusiasts back to this classic pastime. The 'Cult of Journaling' is flourishing, proving that the lure of tangible expression is as timeless as ever.

So why is journaling making a comeback? Simply put, it's the tactile nature of physical journaling that offers an unmatched sensory experience. Think of the rustling sound of flipping through pages, the sensation of pen gliding over paper, or the visual delight of a finished collage. The multisensory experience of journaling can be an effective stress-reliever, providing a form of creative ASMR that digital alternatives just can't replicate.

What is AMSR? You know how listening to a soothing voice over radio, or someone reading you a book can be meditative? AMSR is similar and refers to sounds and sensations that have a calming affect on us.


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Journaling isn't only an outlet for creativity, but a therapeutic tool for reflection and self-improvement. It provides a space to articulate thoughts, process emotions, and track progress towards personal or professional goals. It helps you remember life's little moments - memory keeping and scrapbooking are perfect for this!

The rise of junk journaling and mixed media art journaling are further testaments to this revival. Junk journaling, the art of using recycled or 'junk' materials, breathes new life into forgotten items and allows you to create a unique collage of memories. On the other hand, mixed media art journaling encourages the use of various materials like paint, stamps, dyes, inks, collage paper, gel medium... anything that gives depth and dimension.

Each page is a unique piece of art reflecting your individuality. With the surge of interest in junk journaling and mixed media art, the community of scrapbookers and art journal enthusiasts in Australia is blooming!

From local art shops brimming with colourful stickers and paper goods, to communal journaling meet-ups, this beloved pastime is taking centre stage once again.

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The resurgent trend of traditional journaling isn't just about reliving a vintage pastime – it's a celebration of tactile creativity, sensory experiences, and mindful moments. So, immerse yourself in this creative resurgence, join the cult of journaling, and let the simple joy of papers, paints, and stickers inspire your own artful journey.

So, why not dust off your crafting supplies and delve into the wonderful world of traditional journaling? Whether you're a mixed media maven, a junk journaling genius, or a scrapbooking superstar, the tactile journey of journaling is waiting to be discovered.

The 'Cult of Journaling' is here to stay, and it's never been a better time to pick up your glue stick and scissors, and unleash your creativity on the blank canvas of a new journal page.

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Love your blogs !!! As I’m new to journaling I need all the tips and advice I can get. I particularly like the idea of the “multi sensory experience” of journaling. I really dislike digital devices but they are a necessary part of modern life. I’m trying to give MYSELF time. Thank you for the inspiration and advice.


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