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A Simple Journaling Layout with Vintage Vibes

You don't have to be artistic to make a great Journaling layout - meet my best friend: a black pen! This embellishment pieces on my journal page is just layered vintage ephemera and ane of my cute Transparent Fairytale Fungi Stickers, which you can find here in my store.

The finishing touch to this layout is black pen. You can of course use some distressed ink and blend around the edges of these pieces before sticking them down... but you know... sometimes we just don't have the time, and I wantd something that was super cute to look at during the day. 

And did I mention - OMG - the vintage-look castle doorknob brad! This little brad is so adorable, I have loved using them... I am excited to share that it will be added to my store in the coming days!


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