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The Benefits of Journaling - Crafting as a Self-Care excercise

Journaling has been around for centuries as a way to keep track of our thoughts, feelings, and ideas. Today, many people are turning to journaling as a way to find peace in the chaos of life. Whether it’s writing down your thoughts and feelings or planning out your goals and dreams, there are so many benefits of journaling that can help you with supporting peace of mind.

The Power of Writing It Down 

Writing down your thoughts can be a powerful exercise in clarity. By getting your thoughts out on paper, you can organize them and even work through them until you come up with a solution. Keeping track of events that have happened in your life or upcoming tasks to do can also help reduce stress levels by having everything clearly written down. Writing is also great for establishing gratitude - when we write down all the things we are thankful for each day, it helps us focus on the good things instead of worrying about what could go wrong. 

Making It Pretty 

Journals don’t have to be boring! There are tons of fun ways to make your journal more personal and inviting which will encourage you to use it more often. Adding stickers is one way to make it fun - just think how much more motivated you’ll be if you open up your planner each morning and see bright colors and fun designs! Here are two of my best-selling stickers, I think they are so popular because they are really versatile and can be added to any journaling layout super easily:

- Transparent Botantical Stickers

- Transparent Bottle Stickers

Other creative elements like drawings or quotes can also bring some life into your journal entries. 

I am fundamentally a Bullet Journaler at heart, so all my pretty parts of jouranling are there to support me wanting to use my journal more - which supports planning my family and life and achieving my goals. I love ther papercrafts too of course! And they are much more a creative outlet and a self-care excercise... read more in my next point!


 A Creative Outlet 

Journaling doesn’t have to be limited to just words either - there are so many other creative outlets available when it comes to expressing yourself through writing. You could try doodling in response to prompts; taking photos that reflect how you feel; or using color-coding systems for tracking emotions during difficult times. All these activities provide an opportunity for self-expression without judgment from others - just like writing a letter but without ever sending it! My style, as evident in my store - is definitely vintage and antique.

More now than ever I really feel a warm and cozy feeling when I use old papers and ephemera of things that other people don't see the value in! Nostalgia is a powerful emotional drive, and it helps me re-connect to myself and my surroundings when I can use papers and pieces of my everyday life in my journaling.

Journaling is a great way to express yourself without fear of judgment from others. It can provide a sense of peace and clarity in the chaos of life as well as being a great tool for setting goals and planning ahead.

And let’s not forget that journals don’t have to be boring – adding stickers or drawings makes them much more inviting which means we’re more likely to use them regularly.

So if you want some extra motivation in life, grab some paper, used or brand new, plain or patterned, textured or flat... I could go on and on :) The main point? Start journaling today!

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