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The Turtle Treasure Box Unboxing: The Perfect Subscription for Australian Crafting Enthusiasts

Crafting has been a long-held passion of mine, providing an outlet for creativity and relaxation. With the rise of craft subscription boxes in Australia, it's becoming easier than ever for fellow hobbyists to gather their crafting supplies. The Turtle Treasure Box is a dream come true for junk journaling and collage enthusiasts like myself.



1. Craft subscription boxes are the modern solution for crafters seeking convenience and creativity. These boxes deliver a range of coordinated crafting supplies right to your doorstep, which is why Australian women are increasingly gravitating towards them.

2. The charm of any craft project often lies in the harmonious combination of its elements. Having matched supplies not only enhances your creation's aesthetics but also simplifies the crafting process. I can't tell you how many hours I've spent trawling through stores to find items that work well together!

3. For junk journaling and scrapbooking aficionados, this box is a game-changer. The coordinated items not only make the journaling process seamless but also elevate the end result. 

Ready to shop your very own curated box to your doorstep each month? Shop yours here.


Check out what came in the June subscription box - Blush! 


Check out what I created with the supplies! 

NOTE: I didn't use any supplies that were not in the box; you can create so many amazing project without needing to add lots of other bits and pieces or expensive tools. 

Check out what a subscriber - Tanya, Susan, and Colleen - created! 

NOTE: these are great examples of how you can use the box as a launch-pad to explore your creativity more, and add in all your own bits and pieces, with the subscription box forming your creative inspiration or foundation.

Shop your very own treasure box of goodies to your doorstep each month here.

Ready to explore your creative side? Subscribe to The Turtle Treasure Box now and embark on your own crafting adventure! 

Shop yours here, or if they are sold out, join the waitlist to be the first to snag yourself a place when more become available next month.

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My first pack arrived today, thank you its beautiful. Can’t wait to start playing with all this beautiful pack holds.

Barbara Perfect

Great to see a Adelaide business, local not overseas. Will certainly be ordering.

Dot Marschall

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