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Unleash Your Creativity: Country Forest Inspiration for your Papercrafting Projects

Hey Aussie crafters! Take a peek at this "Country Forest" layout crafted with Turtle Journal's paper stationery goodies. It's all about mixing the old-world charm with your personal flair.


You see that lacey paper backdrop? It’s vintage charm made easy. And those roses? They are fussy cut from the patterned paper in my Flora Collect Rustic Patterned Paper Books - Country Forest.

Grab your basic tools – scissors, tape, glue. That’s all you need. Distress the edges, layer it up, and watch your page transform. The best part? It’s super easy. You’ve got a handy A5 journal as your canvas, waiting for your personal touch.

As a craft lover, I know the thrill of a well-stocked stash. However, sometimes less is more. Overwhelmed by choices? Limit yourself to papers and stickers. This constraint can surprisingly unleash your creativity, helping you overcome decision fatigue and focus on the joy of creation.

This layout uses the following products from my stationery store. If you love papers, shopping for papers and stickers, especially in a vintage vibe or a worn, weathered look - my small curated collection from Adelaide will be just right for you!



You need just three products:

- Country Forest Rustic Patterned Paper - with 40 pages in this booklet, 20 designs (2 of each design), you'll be grabbing for this booklet all the time! There are five booklet designs to choose from, grab one of each and you'll have the perfect collage patterned paper to-hand in lots of colour and design styles to suit you next project.


- Transparent Vintage Bottle Stickers to add a sprinkle of whimsy with these hero stickers! I call them hero stickers because they don't shrink into the background... nope... they are super detailed and so beautiful you don't need much else in your next project but these. They are perfect to build or craft your next project around, a bit like I have here.


- A5 Hardcover Journal – your new best friend. This journal is pre-decorated - yep! And if you're thinking that takes away all the fun and creativity, you'd be surprised. I have really enjoyed flipping through the coloured papers and collage designs, some heavy, some minimal, to see what catches my attention. This layout I choose a lined paper design, and the small script and floral detailing in the bottom right and corner was already there - just perfect for sticking the magnifying glass sticker (from my Transparent Vintage Bottle Sticker Set) to the design element - love it!

It’s a simple formula: one part nostalgia, one part creativity, and two parts fun! You may be a journaling, collage, or scrapbooking beginner. Or, this layout may just give you some inspiration to layer all your expertise and experience... and many tools/supplies, to create something you adore!

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