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Unleash Your Creativity: Medieval Rose Inspiration for your Papercrafting Projects

Attention Aussie crafting enthusiasts! If journaling and papercrafting make your heart skip a beat, I've got a treat for you. Dive into fresh inspiration with my medieval rose inspired layout design, showcasing some Turtle Journal products.

Ah, the timeless allure of vintage! There's something incredibly captivating about the warmth of yesteryears, isn't there? The nostalgia, the charm, the stories—they all beckon.

I created this layout using some Turtle Journal vintage-inspired journaling and scrapbooking products. And guess what? You don’t need a treasure trove of tools to recreate this charm. With basics like double-sided tape, trusty liquid glue, 3D mounting tape, a pair of sharp scissors, and the versatile distress ink, you too can transport your journal pages to another era.

The Creative Process

I mean... I love a well-stocked crafting stash as much as the next enthusiast... but sometimes all the tools and accessories we accumulate over time can paralyse us more than inspire us. So - when I'm not sure what to grab and craft with next, Iimit myself to papers and stickers; it can certainly help with overwhelm.

Plus - maybe you find this too: when you have a set boundary around either what you can create with, or the theme of what you will create, it can help our creativity to flow more when we don't have all the distractions and possibilities... like beating decision fatique :) 



Be Inspired!

Thls A5 layout is really as easy to assemble exactly how it looks!

Feel free to copy or be inspired by it for your next papercrafting project! Be sure to comment below what you made or what papers and stickers you used - maybe some from my range, maybe some you have stashed in a drawer somewhere in your craft room!

The key to this layout is a mixture of torn paper edges, offset with some straight cut edges, some papers scrunched up and crinkled too. In all cases enhanced and accented with Distress Ink. 

Plus the layering effect, like collage, with papers and stickers, some just stuck with regular double-sided tape, others with 3D mounted tape, gives depth and interest to the layout.

What I used

Flora Collect Rustic Patterned Paper - Medieval Rose 

Transparent Botanical Sticker Set

Mini Aged Botanical Illustrations Paper Set - pull out the Foxglove floral design

I used one of the designs in the paper book, and used both pages of it, so each side was featured.

The background is one single piece, and the Just Around the Corner element, along with the 3D mounted rose element is from the second piece of paper using the design on the other side.

I really enjoyed using some of the Botanical stickers to enhance the Medieval Rose background paper, by scattering them.

And mostly - I loved how easily one of the stickers, once trimmed a bit, fit perfectly overtop of the rose design and illustration on the Medieval Rose patterned paper... it was a match made in heaven!

Finally I decided to scrunch up and then unfold again, then tear, and ink, the Aged Botanical Paper - Foxglove, to add some more interest to the corners and a new colour element to the layout. I think it just elevated the deep, moody colour palette with some brighter purple.

The only element on the page using 3D mounting tape is the rose fussy cute square off to the right near the top. Even though the Aged Botanical papers in the corners look like they could be 3D mounted, it was just the texture I achieved by scrunching them up before tearing and sticking down.

I hope you enjoy this layout and are inspired to try something similar with Turtle Journal products you already have. Or grab yourself the products I used - especially the Medieval Rose patterned paper book - you won't regret it!


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