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Unveiling the Spring Box: Australia's Own Mystery Papercrafting Subscription Box


Crafters, journalers, and paper enthusiasts, the moment you've been eagerly anticipating has arrived! Let's unveil the October edition of my exclusive subscription box: The Turtle Treasure Box.


Step into the refreshing world of the "Spring" subscription box - discover what's inside! 

This month's Spring theme resonates with: "As the world awakens from its slumber, the vibrant hues of spring burst forth, painting a canvas of renewal and hope. Dive into the soft pastels and lively greens of springtime. Remember, amidst the blossoming flowers and chirping birds, your creativity knows no limits."

Don't miss this opportunity to embark on this vibrant journey. Grab your very first box in November, themed "Sparkle", and become a part of our crafting family! Secure your place for your November box here.


What's Inside the "Spring" Box? 

- Butterfly Sticker Bundle  

- Floral Illustrations A5 Patterned Paper Pack  

- Doily Papers  

- Serenade Paper in Lilac Dreams. These papers, super heavy weight cardstock, are already part of The Turtle Journal range. Grab your set here.

- Bloom Sticker set in Daisy Days. This sticker set was at the start of Spring and is available to grab yourself a set today!

- Pastel Watercolour Bottle Sticker Set! This sticker set had amazing feedback from the Treasure Box subscribers. And now it has been added to The Turtle Journal range, it's super cute - check it out and grab your set here.


Some perks of being a subscriber:

- Craft with Guidance from my Visual Guide

Every Turtle Treasure Box comes with a detailed visual guide to fuel your crafting journey. This month, let's craft vibrant springtime gardens!

- Exclusive products! Get first dibs on brand new products before they are released to everyone else... and often the products included in my subscription box will never be added to the range - and remain exclusive for subscribers!

- Express Post! When you join you only pay for standard post with your monthly box, but I upgrade you FREE to Express Shipping. 

- Craft with a Community! Each month we have a Zoom catch-up for subscribers. Jump in and chat about what you plan to craft, or have crafted, or questions, and learn from other papercrafters on the call! We have done two Zoom catch-ups so far and they are my favourite part of the subscription box!

If you're wondering where to begin or seeking some inspiration, this guide is your perfect companion. 

Loving these beautiful products? Reserve your "Sparkle" box for November here.


Wondering about the Subscription?

The Turtle Treasure Box is your answer! Whether you're a novice in papercrafting, scrapbooking, or journaling, this box equips you with all you need to craft something exquisite. Explore various products and find your favorites.

For those battling time constraints or creative blocks, this box offers just the right amount to spark creativity without overwhelming you.

And for the seasoned papercrafters - unleash your expertise and creativity! Use the Turtle Treasure Box as your base and expand with your unique flair or the latest techniques you're eager to experiment with.

Here's a layout I crafted and included in the Visual Guide for October's Spring Box:


If you've been contemplating joining our Turtle Treasure Box community, now's the moment. Sign up today and immerse yourself in a realm of boundless papercrafting adventures.

Secure your spot here

The Turtle Treasure Box isn't just another subscription box; it's your entry into a passionate crafting community.

Happy Crafting! 🐢✂️📒

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