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What are Morning Pages? A Guide for Beginner Journalers and Papercrafters

Morning Pages are a simple yet transformative journaling practice that has gained popularity over the years. Whether you're a beginner journaler or an experienced papercrafter, integrating Morning Pages into your routine can offer a myriad of benefits.


1. What Are Morning Pages?

Morning Pages are a form of journaling where you write some short paragraphs or even pages, stream-of-consciousness writing, ideally done first thing in the morning. The idea is to let your thoughts flow freely onto the paper without worrying about grammar, punctuation, or even making sense. The purpose is to clear your mind, unleash your creativity, and set a positive tone for the day.

I started Morning Pages a few weeks ago, and although I don't do this every morning, I really enjoy just scribbling what is swirling inside my head as I have breakfast, it really helps me feel more focused for the day, and also helps me process some of the thoughts that are on my mind.

For me - this is a quick exercise, not a full journaling session - so I spend anywhere between 3-5min in a small leather bound journal - and typically limit myself to just 1 page.


2. Where Did They Come From?

The concept of Morning Pages was popularized by Julia Cameron in her book "The Artist's Way," published in 1992. Cameron introduced this practice as a way to tap into your inner creativity and overcome blocks. Since then, the practice has been adopted by people from all walks of life, not just artists or writers, as a form of self-care and personal development.

Recently, it has begun to gain traction again - possibly because of the ease to which someone can either begin their journaling adventure, or do some meaningful journaling quickly. Much like junk journaling and art journaling has become the new way to scrapbook - ie more free-form and less 'rules' - I believe this may be why Morning Pages are so appealing!


3. Are They Good for Beginner Journalers?

100% yes! Morning Pages are an excellent starting point for those new to journaling.

In addition, my kits and packs also offer a great beginner starting point for those wanting to experience vintage-inspired and rustic-style papercrafting! Check out my Kits and Packs


The rules are straightforward: write three pages, longhand, without overthinking. This makes it easy for anyone to start without feeling overwhelmed by structure or guidelines.

No Judgment

Since you're not aiming to create a polished piece, there's no pressure to make it 'good.' This can be liberating for beginners who may feel intimidated by the idea of journaling.


Morning Pages can serve as a mirror, reflecting your thoughts, fears, and aspirations. For beginners, this can be an enlightening experience, helping you understand yourself better.

Habit Formation

Writing first thing in the morning makes it easier to establish a consistent routine, which is often the most challenging part of starting any new practice.


4. Integrating Morning Pages into Papercrafting

If you're into papercrafting, and if you are here today, chances are you love papercrafting as much as me! ... you can creatively integrate Morning Pages into your craft in various ways:

Decorative Journals

Instead of a plain notebook, use a decorative journal that you've crafted. The aesthetic appeal can make the process even more enjoyable. I have done this deliberately buy starting with a small journal - so the large empty page does not intimidate me. My journal is just A6 in size.

And I have limited myself to 1 page per day for the same reason. I have pre-decorated a few pages too - with just some simple elements like fussy cut patterned paper and stickers!

Check out my range of Flora Collect Rustic Patterned Papers! These versatile sized papers make great backgrounds and fussy-cut design elements to decorate your Morning Pages! These have been one of my most popular products at The Turtle Journal!


Include snippets from your Morning Pages in your scrapbooks! You can decorate around these snippets to create a visual and textual representation of your thoughts and life events. 

This is a great way to start something beneficial like Morning Pages - on a small scale - then look back over several weeks or months and see what you are drawn to expand on - and draw out into a larger papercrating or scrapbooking project.

Handmade Paper

If you're skilled in making paper, why not write your Morning Pages on paper you've crafted yourself? This adds a personal touch to the practice. 

We all love aged papers, and patterned papers, and handmade papers! Elevate your Morning Pages experience and practice, probably enhance the benefits to you as well by introducing a tactile element like rustic, handmade, or fibrous paper.

Art Journals

Combine your Morning Pages with sketches, doodles, or even full-blown art pieces. This can make your morning ritual a comprehensive creative exercise.

Themed Pages

If you're working on a specific papercraft project, like a holiday-themed scrapbook, you can tailor your Morning Pages to generate ideas or content for that project.

Check out my range of Seasonal Paper Packs! Perhaps one of the themed packs would be just perfect to decorate and personalise your very first Morning Pages journal. See what's available this season here.


5. What next?

Morning Pages are a versatile and accessible form of journaling that can benefit everyone, especially those new to the practice. Their benefits offer a form of mental clarity and self-discovery.

For papercrafters, integrating Morning Pages into your craft can add a new layer of meaning and creativity to both practices.

So why not grab a notebook (handcrafted, if you prefer!) and start your Morning Pages journey today?

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