DIY Reusable Sticker Collecting Album

Do you struggle to keep all your stickers in a neat, easy-to-access place? I have drawers of stickers and you can store them in folders but anything that involves standing stickers up on the end, I worry they will get damaged. Plus, they all tend to bunch together in a chunky pile at the bottom of wherever they are stored like the box they came in, or an envelope. Rummaging around in a drawer when I want to find a specific stiker is annoying too, I want to see everything I have in a neat, and super-cute book!

Solution? Make your very own Reusable Sticker Collecting Album! This is so easy to make, and completely customisable. Firstly, I found an old A6 filofax ring binder that I purchased years ago, ditched all the papers, and made this.

Now you can stick and peel, without ruining your stickers. Store them in collections or themes for an easier way to access them for your next project.

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I would love to see what your DIY Reusable Sticker Collecting Album looks like! This honestly took me less than an hour to put together so what are you waiting for? Send me an email with your creation when you have made your very own.

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Rachel - The Turtle Journal
Adelaide, South Australia

Inspiration for the DIY Reusable Sticker Collecting Album: this article online from "Once Upon a Cherrio"