Turtle Treasure Box Survey



Thank you for being a Turtle Treasure Box subscriber!

I hope you are enjoying your latest monthly box of matching goodies.

Remember - don't post anything on social media of the contents - it's a secret :) and we don't want to spoil the surprise for those who haven't received theirs in the post yet.

What's next?

  1. Craft, Create, Enjoy!
  2. Email me photos of your creations - it would be amazing to share with all customers and followers online to inspire their crafting!
  3. Watch my upcoming Facebook LIVE, I will do an un-boxing of the Treasure Box for everyone to see soon - your comments and saying "Hi" on the LIVE would be fun!
  4. Once I do the unboxing on Facebook LIVE - feel free to share all the contents and what you have created on social media after that ... the secret will be out! - don't forget to tag me :)
  5. Complete the survey below so I can improve as I share the box with more subscribers over time.

Please let me know your thoughts below, I would love your feedback to improve the subscription box for all of us :)


Please be patient, or refresh this page if the survey does not load right here, sometimes it takes a while...