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Something exciting is coming!

Just a few times a year new subscriber places open up to join The Turtle Treasure Box! 

Jump on the waitlist here, or the bottom of the page. Be the first to know when the cart opens!



Anyone who grabs their very first Turtle Treasure Subscription Box in August 2024 will get an Early Bird Bonus - if they join within the first 48 hours of the cart opening. 

Q: "How will I know when the cart opens so I can get the bonus?"

By being on this waitlist - you'll be the very first to hear via email of when the cart opens so you can snag your Early Bird Bonus!

A mystery set of stickers - either Gothic or Chandelier. A set will be included FREE into your first Turtle Treasure Box (early August). But you'll need to secure your subscriber place within 48 hours of the cart opening so 1. Be on the Waitlist, and 2. Stay tuned to an email from me!

Q: "I am an existing Turtle Treasure Box Subscriber, why do I miss out?!"

You won't! Of course my amazing existing subscribers deserve this amazing bonus too! All existing Turtle Treasure Box subscribers will also receive this "new subscriber" bonus - I don't want you to miss out!

If your are an existing subscriber, you don't need to do anything, you will receive your FREE sticker set in your August Treasure Box automatically xo



What can I expect in my Turtle Treasure Subscription Box?

A themed paper crafting bundle every month! You'll get a curated collection papers and stickers, most of the products are subscriber exclusives (not available to anyone else), plus a visual guide with helpful tips to get started if you're a bit stuck.

Each month is a mystery surprise! You'll get a Sneak Peek of the theme to get you excited for what will be arriving to your doorstep early each month. 


⭐ Enjoy exclusive products just for subscribers!
⭐ A themed bundle each month to explore!
⭐ Upgraded shipping to Express for Free - just pay for standard shipping!
⭐ No locked in timeframe!
⭐ Included each month is a visual guide to give you some inspiration - like a launching-pad to get creating!
⭐ FREE Shipping on all other orders from The Turtle Journal - I can simply pop your order into your next upcoming Treasure Box... if you're not in a hurry :)
⭐ Pricing that will NEVER change for you - if you stay a subscriber you won't be affected by price increases ever!

    Some of the themes we have enjoyed recently:

    ☕ Afternoon Tea
    🐦 Birds
    ⚙️ Steampunk
    🍓 Greenhouse
    The cart opens for August soon! You will be the first to know when the cart opens so you can grab your very first Turtle Treasure Box and join the other subscribers who look forward to, and love, their mystery paper crafting bundle each month.

    Here is the Steampunk box up close... this was from April 2024 and was a subscriber favourite!


    What are you waiting for - jump on the waitlist today and be the first to know when the cart is open to start your 🐢 Turtle Treasure Box subscription! 

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    Subscribers love The Turtle Treasure Box for many reasons, some of the reasons crafters love to receive a matching bundle every month is for self-care, relaxation, or to challenge themselves creatively with products they don't already have.

    No one likes subscriptions that are not flexible, or that lock us into anything! 

    The Turtle Treasure Box is not like that! As a subscriber you can log into the portal and pause your subscription anytime you need to.... pausing is a great way to keep your special locked-in price secure. 

    Plus if you need to cancel - just contact me to process your cancellation for you, anytime.

    Treat yourself each month to a delightful crafting surprise, like a cherished gift just for you! "It is like Christmas every month!" Helen (SA) 


    What are you waiting for - jump on the waitlist today and be the first to know when the cart is open to start your 🐢 Turtle Treasure Box subscription! 

    Please be patient, or refresh this page if the waitlist form does not load right here, sometimes it takes a while...depending on the browser you're using, or if you have ad / pop-up blockers running. If you have issues with the form loading below, email rachel@theturtlejournal.com.au