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Aussie Papercrafters, Scrapbookers, and Journalers: Dive into the Turtle Treasure Subscription Box!

Crafting is not just a pastime, it's a way of life! Especially for those Down Under with a flair for papercrafts, scrapbooking, and journaling. If you've been on the hunt for a convenient way to get your craft supplies, let me introduce you to the *Turtle Treasure Box* – Australia’s latest crush for journaling junkies and collage connoisseurs.

Crafty Convenience
Craft subscription boxes are the latest rave, merging convenience with creativity. And why not? Who doesn't want a delightful mix of crafting essentials delivered right to their doorstep? Aussie scrapbookers and journalers, it's time to hop on the trend!

Perfect Harmony for Your Projects
Remember the days you roamed the aisles of craft stores, seeking matching embellishments and papers? Those days are over! The Turtle Treasure Box ensures that each item complements the other, making your projects pop with perfection.

A Scrapbooker's Dream
If you're into junk journaling or scrapbooking, say hello to your new BFF. With coordinated treasures in every box, your creative projects will not only be seamless but absolutely stunning.

Eager to dive into a world of curated craftiness? Join the waitlist here so you will be the first to know when new subscriber places open up!


Here is what came inside the August Treasure Box!

And it's not just me!
Meet Colleen, Susan, Fiona, and Alison – just a few fellow subscribers who've turned their boxes into art. It's amazing how the box serves as a canvas for our diverse creative streaks, with each of us adding a personal touch!


Here is some of what I created with the August Box - Sapphire!

Ready to grab a box of creative wonders? Shop the Turtle Treasure Box here. If they're snapped up, don't fret – simply join the waitlist and be first in line when new boxes roll out next month.

Feeling the creative itch, Aussie crafters?

Join the *Turtle Treasure Box* family and sail into a world of unmatched imagination! 🎨📘🌟

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Wonderful inspiration and all so very different. Great work, ladies. xxxx I can’t wait to receive my September box. xxxx

Roslyn Lahiff

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