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Rachel The Turtle Journal

Mulberry-Style Handmade Paper Pack (10 pack)

Mulberry-Style Handmade Paper Pack (10 pack)

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Add some rugged charm and texture to your next project!

Experience the luxury of this fibrous paper, crafted from high-quality pulp. Handmade sheets, each piece has its own unique texture and character!

Not sure what colour? Grab a mixed bundle - included one of each!

Elevate your next vintage papercraft project with this mulberry-inspired paper; add warm, depth and dimension.

Super tactile! With the natural, uneven edges in the surface, it has a raw, earthy appeal.

These papers make the best backgrounds, or layering elements to add interest to your layouts - subtle in their texture - they will add something special to the background of any project.

In six easy to incorporate colours - grab a set of each and be set for whatever your next project calls for.

Perfect for scrapbooking and all types of journaling! These paper pieces are a must-have for your next papercraft creation.


  • A mixed colour bundle, or grab a set of just white
  • Each pack: A5 sized paper pieces
  • Each measures 15cm x 20cm

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