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Romanesque Relics Sticker Sets - 10 pieces

Romanesque Relics Sticker Sets - 10 pieces

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Captivating Elegance! Roman-Inspired Stickers with a Gothic Edge.

Step back in time and adorn your surroundings with the charm of ancient monuments and statement pieces!

Romanesque Relics Sticker Sets. These detailed illustrations, crafted washi stickers transport you to the grandeur of ancient life.

Monochromatic Sophistication! So versatile, you get 5 white ink and 5 black ink stickers in the set.

These sets all have a gothic and romantic edge... maybe it's the detailed illustrations... they would suit a sweet, romantic project equally as well as a moody, dark, gothic project!

Choose from three sets, they provide an easy opportunity to infuse your next project with history while adding a touch of dynamic, statement flair.

Let Romanesque Relics Sticker Sets be your passport to a world of history, art, and sophistication. 



  • 10 x kiss-cut stickers. 
  • Sizes vary depending on the set and the sticker, check out the photos for an idea of sizing based off me holding them.
  • Three sets: Grandfather Clocks, Monuments, Palace Gates.


  • Thank you for supporting my small Aussie business. You can expect to receive your order to your doorstep within 14 days (inclusive of processing and shipping timeframe). Orders will be processed within 5 days, and lodged with Australia Post; I will email you when it is on it’s way!
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